Girl in the World By Caroline Cash, 64 pgs.

Feb 13, 2020

An insanely beautifully illustrated comic revolving around several young twenty-somethings’ night in a city landscape. A couple are at a “Creatively Named Facebook Party,” some are making their post-work commute home, one is out spray painting that “S” (you know the one) on buildings, while others are just chilling in a bedroom passing a bong around.

Without sounding too much like an old pee-paw, Girl in the World perfectly encapsulates what youth culture is like in 2019. The kids eat fast food, are ’90s and Garfield obsessed, and have an extremely low tolerance for creeper dudes.

Cash’s style is almost graffiti-like but with colored pencils and markers. You’ll have a rough time wrapping your head around trying to figure out what tools they used to illustrate this book. It truly is a masterpiece of style, humor, and further down the road, a window into a specific era. Think of it like Love and Rockets minus the butt obsession. –Rick V. (Silver Sprocket,