I was already a big fan of Gino And The Goons, having previously reviewed one of their older records in these pages. But, hot damn, this new LP hits the near fucking perfect mark for me with its DIY ‘90s garage rock worship—catchy yet snotty, fitting perfectly amongst the big name “budget rock” titles of yesteryear. This is everything I want in a garage rock record in 2018. Listening to this is like having a full LP of only the Jon Von penned Rip Offs songs—raw as fuck but catchy enough to get stuck in your head an hour later. There’s no doubting their adoration of raw rock’n’roll. The super limited first fifty copies of this record came with actual dirt from Bo Diddley’s gravesite, ferchrissakes! This is an early contender for my favorite record of 2018—it’s that good. If you like your garage punk sounding like it’s straight out of the best releases from 1994, then this absolutely must be in your collection. –Mark Twistworthy (Sunwray)