GINO AND THE GOONS: “I Won’t Fall In Love” b/w “Parasite”: 45

Jan 30, 2019

My favorite Tom & Jerry cartoon when I was a kid involved a sight gag where some cowboy singer on their TV kept breaking strings on his guitar, then reaching through the screen and yanking a whisker off of Tom’s startled puss to use as a replacement. I thought that was just the wildest thing, reaching through the TV screen! That episode and the vast trans-dimensional potentiality at which it hinted must’ve damaged me more than I realized, because as soon as I threw this platter on, I started dancing, lest Gino pop his head out of my stereo speakers and start berating me for my lack of getting down, and being part of the problem and not part of the solution, and having my parents be unreasonably proud of me due to my good behavior. I mean, I literally started dancing without even thinking about it. That’s what they call “enlightened self-preservation.” Anyway, I realize it is counterproductive to critique the audio fidelity of a Gino And The Goons record —not to mention being the kind of thing that would surely invite a beration from a Gino-head magically erupting from my speakers—but side A is kinda getting there. Side B fares better, just because it’s cool to observe how majestically GATG are able to synthesize ersatz Thunders/Lure-ism on demand. With god as my witness, I am shaking it down, brother, and demand to be part of the solution! BEST SONG & SONG TITLE: “Parasite.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: It is customary to sing “Call Me Animal” at Gino when he enters a public swimming area.Rev. Nørb (Certified PR,