GIANTS CHAIR: Prefabylon: LP

Emo was still something between a rumor and a cuss when this Kansas City three-piece came through New Hampshire in 1997: zines were mostly shit-talking the genre, which made me want to seek it out in all its permutations. I remember these cats playing the Elvis Room, and being blown away by the set: Scott Hobart played his tonal, jagged guitar riffs through two cabinets (!) while the pummeling rhythm section held down the low end. The band was (and is) a no-nonsense trio, with no affect or histrionics in their delivery of emotionally honest songs. Since that show, I’ve been a complete devotee of these guys, and the way their music relied as much on exhalation as bombast. More than twenty years later, the same dynamics and sounds are at play in Prefabylon, which picks up where Giants Chair left off back when they stayed on fold-out couches in my Dover apartment. Bands getting back together and recording work that complements their existing discography is a rare thing: Mission Of Burma pulled it off, and, happily, so did Giants Chair. Driving and vital. –Michael T. Fournier (Spartan)