GIANT PEACH: But You Made Me Such a Beautiful Thing: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Grungy, dreamy indie rock that’s heavy on the shoegaze and immaculate in tone. I don’t even know which layer of guitars to be listening to, in the best way. Giant Peach’s sound evokes memories of a ’90s that may never have existed, more of a gauzy wash of colors than a distinct image. Can something be soft and heavy at the same time? This is that, in the same way as the most meditative Sunny Day Real Estate can be. The second half of the album really opens up into dreamy sound collage, with a couple songs sprawling past the eight- or nine-minute mark. But this record sounds huge and crushing all the way through, even in its straight-up poppy moments. When like six different Frances Changs come in with the harmonies at the end of that opening song… damn. –Indiana Laub (Dead Broke, [email protected],