GHOUL SQUAD: Necrodoll: LP

Jul 29, 2020

Readers Digest version of the backstory on this: Ghoul Squad was an obscure ’80s band specializing in what is now pigeonholed as “horror punk” that released one song on one of Thrasher magazine’s Skate Rock comps. This is a release of their full length, which was originally slated for release on noted punk artist Pushead’s Pusmort label, but apparently never made it past a test press. Musically it sounds like an odd melding of proto-alternative rock, mid-period Hüsker Dü and, yes, Misfits, with some decent bursts of thrash peppered in here and there. It sounds like it was pulled from a cassette copy dub a few generations down, but is clear and sonically not a chore to slog through. –Jimmy Alvarado (Not Like You)