GHOST WORK: You’ll Be Buried With: CS

I first saw something about this band in passing on social media. Endless scrolling, when something catches my eye—“New music from the singer of Seaweed.” I stopped dead in my tracks. I was in my late teens when Seattle exploded in the early ’90s and I dove in headfirst trying to grab anything I could. The description of Seaweed in the Sub Pop catalog was “Fugazi Osbourne.” Hooked instantly. They became one my favorite bands of the whole era. As bands tend to do, they broke up. Then not much of anything for many years. Singer Aaron Stauffer more or less gave up music to pursue his career as a nurse in Northern California. So, what is Ghost Work? Word has is that Stauffer was approached by an ex-member of ’90s hardcore band Snapcase asking if he’d be interested in doing vocals on a project that he was working on with some alumni of bands such as Milemarker and Minus The Bear. He did it, and the result is pretty great. I am not super familiar with the other bands these guys were in, but I don’t think they really sound like this: mid-tempo, layered rock with heavy tones and an almost dreamy aesthetic. Of course, it can be comparable to latter day Seaweed, which is always a good thing. I am still visualizing Tacoma. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released,