GHOST WOLVES, THE: Texas Platinum: CD

Sep 20, 2017

All this intro track did was make me feel shame for how terrible my Japanese is and how badly I wish I could understand what they were saying. This is a duo from Austin who are doing a kind of reverse White Stripes thing—a guy on drums and a gal on guitar with a ton of style. Both musicians take on vocal duties, though the woman in the band definitely takes lead on most of the songs. Her voice wavers between an adolescent Betty Boop sound, and a crisp, strong snarl. Her guitar work is equal parts fuzzed-out distortion and twangy bluegrass. It’s as if they could appeal to fans of Melvins, Nikki And The Corvettes, and The Cramps all at the same time. I really enjoy the second track on this record, “Strychnine in My Lemonade.” Right away, this two piece demands my attention with super dancey drumming, powerhouse guitar riffs, and undulating melodic vocals. Then there’s this mess of seemingly random audio clips of people talking that proves to be emblematic of the band. In the song “Noisey Neighbors / Yuppie Scum” the music actually stops and a distant voice is yelling at the band to take it down a notch. There’s also just a track of dogs barking / howling. All of it together manages to make a gritty rock record that’s also a little haunting. I imagine it’d be great to play in the fall when the leaves are just starting to change colors. –Kayla Greet (Hound Gawd!)