GET LOOSE! #6, $?, 8” x 10”, 7 pages (two posters), screenprinted

Jan 18, 2017

The reading content is short but sweet with some cartoons, an interview with the band Holly Hunt, and a recipe. I’m partial to the Bum Wine Tour of Oakland Park, Fla. and a map full of annotations of what they drank and where they vomited. This the first issue Get Loose! since 1994, a gap that, if a person, could buy their bum own wine. So respect these ol’ farts for keeping it real. Get loose, indeed! It’s inspiring. Maybe I’ll run out for some MD 20/20 and kick it old school myself. Best part? Movie reviews—a guy transcribing what his friend says watching movies. Of Inglorious Basterds, he says, “It’s about a Jew that ruined Hitler’s favorite movie.” Indeed it is. With newsstand mag measurements and screen-printed on cardstock, its two sections are folded, opening up into rad, full-sized, illustrated posters, one with whimsical and wicked cartoonery and the other agitprop, demonizing the ol’ familiar suit-and-tie guy. I enjoy the art zine as much as the next guy, but after a peruse, I always think, “Now what do I do with this?” Well, Get Loose! is a couple of posters disguised as a zine. Hang ‘em on the wall, stupid! Mine also came with a screened D.O.A. poster (number seven in a run of sixty-five) for no real rhyme or reason, just pure awesomeness. And I got a bunch of stickers from Party Flag, whom I must now check out! Get Loose! made my day. –Craven Rock (