GET DEAD: Dancing with the Curse: CD

Mar 17, 2021

Bay Area punks Get Dead deliver the goods on Dancing with the Curse. Almost every song on this album could be the standout single. Even songs like “Stickup” that start out slower, build to fiery, screaming crescendos. “Glitch” and “Pepperspray” provide melodic song breaks between rage anthems. I’ll be dissecting these lyrics for months, but I already know “Confrontation” will be on all my future driving to the protest playlists. “Fuck the left, fuck the right / Fuck the conservatives controlling the kids / Fuck the liberals that take it all so literal / Mass manipulation” sums up pretty well how I feel at present. The song continues with “So sick of the apologies / The thoughts, the prayers / The profits from the misery” Hard same, Get Dead. I can’t stop fist pumping shouting along to “Knock a swazi off a Nazi / Kill your TV, go kamikaze / Throw a rock, start a riot / Fight a cop, light a fire / Shoot at anything that moves / And don’t forget they’re all liars.” It reads like my bucket list and it’s delivered with like a staccato hook, guaranteed to get stuck in my head. “Hard Times,” “Fire Sale,” “Green’s Girl,” and “Take It All” have wormed their way into my ears since first listen as well. The album has so much to offer. It’s energetic, urgent, and driven ska-punk at its finest and doesn’t hold back on introspective lyrics, with a message that grabs the zeitgeist by the jugular. “What’s the matter with not being / Timid amongst the savages?” is something I ask myself every time I hear a non-man labeled aggressive for existing. I didn’t know I was looking for a full album of the vibe “We enjoy the way a Molotov lights up the place,” but Get Dead knew I needed it before I did. –Lorien Lamarr (Fat Wreck Chords,