GERMAN COMPLIMENT #2, sold out, 5¾” x 8¼”, black and white, copied.

Feb 13, 2020

German Compliment is a wry German DIY punk fanzine. It’s funny, irrelevant to almost everyone (I mean this only as a compliment), and offers real, wry insight into not just the German scene but DIY culture as a whole. It bitches about the scene while showing continued dedication to keeping it intact, something all of us could learn from. Far too often, toxic behavior goes unchecked and conflict goes unresolved in scene politics. But this zine both calls out shitty behavior and seeks to resolve it, celebrating the good stuff in between. International zines such as this, too, always remind me of my privilege: to be able to assume that the media I’d like to consume will be accessible to me is entitled and unrealistic, and the folks who make their work accessible to people like me who only speak one language are amazing. German Compliment is mostly bilingual, though a few parts remain in the original German because translating is a pain in the ass. They only make one remark regarding this: “we recommend learning a second language.” They’re right, of course, as they are calling out “apolitical” punks, encouraging you to wear the shirt for a local band to the show, and asking you to get to the goddamn gig. Unfortunately, this issue is sold out, but I’d wager the next one will be worth picking up, too. –jimmy cooper (