GEOFF PALMER: Pulling Out All the Stops: LP

Aug 01, 2019

Geoff’s been slugging it out a long time. Whether it be with The Guts, The Connection, or backing up Kurt Baker, it seems like he barely has a moment to breathe. But it all started out with his band The Useless Fucks in the late ’90s, who ended up becoming the rhythm section for The Queers. Not long after that, Geoff joined the Nobodys; talk about having those on your punk resume at the ripe age of eighteen. I first met Geoff in Ottawa when he was tagging along with The Vapids, whom I was releasing a 7” for. We hit it off, from what I recall, and even though I hung with him again when the Nobodys came to town, we didn’t keep in touch. Hard to believe the night we met was literally twenty years ago to the month, but time flies. Anyway, after releasing an LP under the Geoff Useless moniker a few years back, he’s now switched to Palmer, and this rebirth was worth the wait. Fans of his band and this label will know exactly what they’re getting into, and that’s a good thing. Modern-style power pop, well recorded with big, beefy guitars. Pulling Out all the Stops is what Matthew Sweet joining the Ramones would sound like. You won’t be disappointed. –Steve Adamyk (Stardumb,