Sep 26, 2019

Another moody release from L.A.’s post-punk four piece. They hit that sweet spot left vacant by bands like The Vicious and Gorilla Angreb. We’re talking fast, sharp leads with those angular notes on guitar over cymbal-heavy drums that pummel through quick songs. Yes, their songs are all in Spanish. Yes, you can translate them online if you don’t speak the language and want to learn it. Most of these tracks are about not being silenced, living through dark and violent times, death, and a little bit of drugs. It’s a fairly bleak record with the atmospheric intensity that this group is so good at. One of the stand-out lyrics for me is “Las balas no discrimen / Solo saben matar” which translates to “bullets don’t discriminate / They only know how to kill.” With a record titled Reflejos (Reflexes), and the lyrics I read through, these songs are instinctive responses to discrimination, poverty, and class-based struggle, which are symptomatic of societal issues all on its own. In the closing track, “Desaparecer,” they slow it way down and break out an acoustic guitar which adds a different feeling of weight than the rest of the record. In this song they say, “El futuro no se puede ver (The future can not be seen)” and leave me thinking about how I can change what is yet to come. While it’s an emotionally overpowering record, I think they leave us with an anger that ignites change, rather than desperation. –Kayla Greet (Going Underground)