GEL:Only Constant: LP

Jul 21, 2023

Talking to younger people who got into sub-cultural music ten to fifteen years after me is interesting because the avenues that led us to the same place are so vastly different. They’ll talk about My Chemical Romance the same way my friends and I will talk about Rancid. And instead of having an embarrassing street punk phase, it’s an embarrassing scene phase, but it all led to hardcore. For some hardcore punk, for others capital “H” mosh hardcore. Different, yet nonetheless potent. I don’t know anything about anyone in Gel, but this record fuckin’ rips and to me it feels like mosh hardcore that is highly influenced by punk. Spinkick, breakdown music with intentional circle pit sensibilities. Which is just different than what we’re used to, but not anything we can’t embrace and get used to! Accept it now and save yourself the ten years of denial. This one is gonna go down in the books. –Daryl (Convulse)

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