GELD: Soft Power: 7”

Apr 08, 2019

D beat seems to be a genre that is done perpetuating itself and is now splitting off into an artier subset that drags out the noisy elements of the style, eschewing the “raging raw punk attack” label so often tacked onto the millions of black denim vest hordes that never quite learned how to play guitar. Iron Lung definitely brings attention to that style, and Geld are another great example of what can happen when people (ahem) stop being polite and start being real. Mid-boost, slightly driven bass, black metal vocals, noisy but jammy guitar parts that have more in common with bands from the Robotic Empire and Level Plane catalogs than they do with Discharge, Anti Cimex, or Aspects Of War. The songs are kind of all over the place, and while they don’t always seem congruent, they are still presented behind the same pane of glass. It’s an interesting, somewhat challenging record within the confines of the d beat genre. But that’s a good thing. Exquisite packaging as always. –Ian Wise (Iron Lung)