GEEK GRAB #4, free, 8½” x 5½”, 8pgs.

This issue of Geek Grab shares one story about trying to navigate getting an elderly prisoner out of prison via the process of “compassionate release,” including calling in a favor from Snoop Dogg himself! This comic is also collected in the ABO Comix Anthology, an anthology collecting comics written by queer prisoners across the country. The author wrote us that they’d recommend purchasing that instead, as the quality is higher (and proceeds go straight back to the contributors for things like commissary, healthcare, legal support, and gender affirming care). As abolition makes its way into the public consciousness, it’s crucial to amplify the voices of prisoners. NOTE: If you’d like a copy of this zine, when writing the author, please use only white paper in a white envelope, or it will not get to them! –jimmy cooper (Kit Brixton/Kristopher Storey 26731-018 FMC, PO Box 14500, Lexington, KY)