GASMASK TERROR: Chape De Plombe: 12”

Nov 29, 2016

Been a while since I’ve heard from these guys, and I’m liking what I’m hearing. The recording is a little cleaned up since the last time I heard them, but it’s full-fucking-throttle d-beat hardcore that focuses on the beat and ignores some of the melodic elements that can creep into the genre (I’m a fan of both, so that’s just an objective statement). Another nice shift, these guys are now singing in their native French. The lyrics feel a little more fleshed out, but are still stark and bleak as all hell. The songs don’t really have a lot of range and are honestly interchangeable (though there is a nice tension builder in “Le Temps De Charniers” and a cool mid-tempo stomper “L’Echec” breaks up the B-side), but for the style it works and at a 45 RPM 12” it’s still a good length without getting boring. For fans of getting punished for twenty minutes straight. –Ian Wise (SPHC,