May 28, 2020

These songs would fit splendidly on the soundtrack to an obscure road movie. The scenery: stark. The cinematography: bright and washed-out. The camera pans from a long shot to a muscle car eating up the road on an obscure highway somewhere in the Southwest. The desperate and free characters stare straight ahead as any one of the songs from Open Wide blares out the window. To me, that perfectly encapsulates what this band sounds like, but I’ve also made it a mission to watch every road movie ever made. So for everybody else, Gary Robert And Community are older gents obsessed with playing the punk rock of their time—like X, Iggy Pop, and Sisters Of Mercy—and getting as close to the spirited rock’n’roll essence of those bands as you could ask for without digging out their records. –Craven Rock (Yet You,

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