I’m sometimes weary of records where the band is trying for some sort of concept. This band features a singer in a black suit and dinosaur mask. Their bandcamp describes them: “Gar Gar is the gator-headed savior promised in the first draft of the Bible. Imagine GG Allin and Teri Garr”…blah, blah, blah. But the band also comes up with lines like: “(unintelligible) are trash; those cereals can kiss my ass” which might be my favorite lyric of the year if it surpasses Digital Leather’s “embrace a moron in your heart.” The album possesses the great tenets of lo-fi. “Amoeba” is a sloppy rocker with a good sci-fi theme. And yes, there’s a video, and, yes, I looked it up, and, yes, it’s funny. So there’s a lesson: don’t judge things based on your pre-conceived notions. A public service message from Bill Bill. –Billups Allen (No Label)