GANGNAILS, THE: Rolling Tunes!: LP

Sep 16, 2021

Dropping the needle on a record from an unknown band with an excellent record cover is always a fun proposition. Sure, we’ve all been burned more times than we’ve scored in the record store gamble, but hey, it’s still worth the risk. The typography on this LP reminds me of Rocket From The Crypt’s Group Sounds and the background graphic screams Social Distortion, but this one yields a few surprises. Yes, the punk rock’n’roll of the aforementioned bands is indeed present, but so is a Misfits vibe of old school punk and ’50s-inspired hooks, as is a bit of oi and an upright bass! Come to find out, these Czechs are considered a psychobilly band, but that term is way too pigeon-holey for this record. Basically, if you like punk and you like rock’n’roll and you don’t mind a little subgenre mix-n-match, this is quite an enjoyable listen. –Chad Williams (PHR,