GANG OF FOUR: Demolition Zone (1977-81): CD

Jan 21, 2022

I never really got into that English post-punk crap at the time. I thought the first Cure album was sort of okay, and XTC had a few cool tunes, but that stuff like Wire, Public Image, Magazine, the Mekons—it all seemed weak, stiff, and irritating, really. It was someone else’s music, not mine. With time, I eventually came around a bit on most of those bands, but, to this day, I’ve never really warmed up to Gang Of Four. There’s really not much there for me at their particular intersection of politics, pseudo-funk, and English art school snootiness. I finally bought Entertainment last year; I still don’t like most of it. Thus, imagine the unbridled pleasantness of my surprise when I found myself actually enjoying this perhaps-not-quite-according-to-Hoyle compilation of lost tracks. The first song, “What You Ask For,” actually utilizes a blues chord progression for cripes sake! The song about the elevator (I think it’s called “Elevator”—never underestimate the dry wit of those Brits) is even better! By “Disco/Funk” I’m starting to stare distantly again, of course, but, as it stands, I declare this my favorite Gang Of Four record ever! Finally! A Gang Of Four record for people that hate Gang Of Four records! The revolution is here! BEST SONG: “Elevator.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Silence Is Not Useful.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Only Make 47 Copies Andy Fanclub Albania!” –Rev. Nørb (Duroc)

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