GAME: No One Wins: LP

Sep 26, 2019

I was blown away by the 7”/flexi this band put out a couple years ago, so I had high hopes for this record. As a result, I got my hopes up too high and was a little disappointed upon my first listen, a sentiment I heard echoed by a few other people. I’ve since listened to it several times and am happy to say that it really has grown on me. It’s similar to the 7” in execution, but they took advantage of the LP format and used the extra space to fill out some of the song structures. The songs aren’t any less intense; they’re just a little more refined. Japanese influences (the press description name checks both Execute and Death Side) collide with other components of international ’80s HC and some elements of early death metal (believe me, it works). Vocals in Polish and English—which is interesting because the album flows together cohesively—so it’s cool to see how the vocals navigate the changes when switching back and forth between both languages. Of the whole “New Wave of British Hardcore” scene (Violent Reaction, Arm’s Race, Stab, et cetera), this band is probably my favorite. –Ian Wise (Beach Impediment)