GALACTAPUS: The Rainbows of Wrong: CD

Mar 10, 2023

I have no idea what’s going on here and I suppose some of that’s on purpose. There are no names or faces associated with Galactapus. In the press photos for this five-piece band, all the members are wearing masks and wigs. They don’t perform live and their lyrics are nonsensical. The band calls themselves “garage-prog” but the songs run a range of sound. Some tracks remind me of if Brainiac took acid and meth at the same time. “The Lustful Arts” has slimy vocals that make the track almost unlistenable, while “Turning into a Boob” has a great groove and Cramps-esque guitar as a screaming theremin (I think) plays alongside it. The range of instruments utilized is pretty diverse on these ten tracks: guitar, sitar, a wide range of percussion, and bass. I can’t say I’d really want to listen to this again, but it’s certainly bizarre. And I use that as a compliment. –Kurt Morris (Self-released,

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