GAD!, free or trade, 8½” x 11”, copied, 20 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

GAD! rocks, okay! And if the rave reviews it gets here means anything, I’m not the only Razorcaker to think so, either. I feel privileged to get it. The GAD! team cover music they like excitedly and with so much joy (perhaps it’s because they decide what they’re gonna write about), that I actually scribble down band names to check out (and I’m a bitter old man). As a matter of fact, right now I’m listening to Genki Genki Panic because I read about them in here. To give you some context, let’s compare GAD! to... the slick, payola rock mag strewn around the last show I was at, the one I read between bands because someone stole my copy of Manhattan Transfer. (Okay, that’s a lot of context, I just want you to know I read it under duress.) Did I bother jotting down a single band name of whom their writers so diligently probed about the recording of their last album? Nope. Read GAD!!  Ah, I’m so proud of myself, I’ve managed to review GAD! without getting all misty-eyed about the music zines of the nineties that it reminds me of and how that was the only real way to learn about underground music if you lived in a small town, how it holds those same aesthetics, unlike the glossy, slick capitalism of the mag from the show.... Wait! Aw, fuck! –Craven Rock (GAD!, PO Box 1308, Gadsen, AL, 35902, [email protected])