G.S.D: In Hades: LP

May 28, 2020

His father bought a sex worker for the evening, “And he joined us by the hand. Said, take her to the other room if you want to be a man,” go the lyrics to “Silence,” somehow managing to write about childhood trauma, how it seeps into an adult romance, the disillusion of that relationship, and the narrator’s deep regret all into a single song. Hell, I couldn‘t even put all that into a sentence without it sounding cumbersome. You can expect a lot from GSD lyrically and musically. That’s also the only way they’re particularly consistent. Otherwise, they leap deftly into garage rock, Southern-style hardcore, plain ol‘ rock’n’roll, and even a bit of emo if only because the singer sometimes reminds me of Guy Picciotto when he was in Rites Of Spring. –Craven Rock (Dead Broke)