G.B.H.: Momentum: LP/CD

Mar 20, 2018

As a teenager, G.B.H. was a band that really struck a chord with me and that attraction has remained steadfast for three and a half decades. Recent releases have been good but none of them came close to touching my love of those early releases from the 1980s. That is until now. Momentum kicks all kinds of ass, with Colin Abrahall’s voice sounding as glorious as ever, Jock Blyth’s guitar tearing chords to shreds, whilst the rhythm section of Ross Lomas and Scott Preece reverberates menacingly, only occasionally veering from a rock solid up-tempo drive. “Birmingham Smiles” is a great homage to the band’s hometown and turns out to be the start of my favorite G.B.H. album in many years. Momentum is a record that sits nicely alongside those earlier releases from these Brummie punks. –Rich Cocksedge (Hellcat, hell-cat.com)