FYPM / TO THE POINT: “This Is Cleveland Not Los Angeles” b/w “This Is Los Angeles Not Cleveland”: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Split from L.A.-based To The Point and Cleveland-based FYPM. Both bands play hardcore a little more on the grindcore/powerviolence side. These tracks are heavy, and in that realm they do not disappoint. Playing and production are good; they are definitely all well versed in how to sound hardcore, but some of the song and lyrical quality leaves much to be desired. The high point for me was To The Point’s “Face in the Cloud” (despite a bit of luddite vibes that I’m not totally into but also sometimes harbor), and a puzzling one for me was FYPM’s “Loss Leader” that is definitely within a genre of political hardcore that I love, but I think could have been lyrically more refined. Overall, it’s a cool record. Bonus goodies: it comes with Short Fast & Loud zine #29, and FYPM’s cover photo was shot by Martin Sorrendeguy! –Candace Hansen (Six Weeks)

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