FUTURE VIRGINS: Dirty Smiles 7” Anthology: LP

May 31, 2017

Despite heaps of lavish praise foisted upon these cats in the pages of this periodical, I must admit I’d never actually heard ‘em. Can’t think of a better way to get acquainted than via a collection of their singles, like the album in question. Hearing a lot of interesting ideas bouncing about here—shards of power pop, late-‘80s Bay Area pop punk, raw ‘00s indie-punk—served up with conviction and serious effort given to ensuring each song has its own texture. At times I can totally understand how they ended up sharing a split with Toys That Kill, while at others I’m wallowing in the interlocking leads the guitars are laying down. Was a bit put off at first by their scruffiness (yeah, I see the irony in my saying that about a punk band), but the work that was clearly put in here brought me ‘round. –Jimmy Alvarado (Let’s Pretend)

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