FUTURE PLANS: Self-titled: LP

Feb 06, 2020

Mod chords saturated with pop punk bombast, with the odd Thin Lizzy or Pete Shelley guitar lick tossed into the mix to further confound the listener. “Different Version” sounds like Sandy Pearlman producing Magazine, “Time Won’t Tell” sounds like Pearlman producing A Different Kind of Tension-era Buzzcocks (although this album does not sound like Sandy Pearlman producing the second Jam album instead of the second Clash album, it did give me cause to speculate on what that would’ve sounded like had it in fact happened). I feel a bit of an aesthetic disconnect between the shirt-and-tie songs and the black-T-shirt-and-Chucks sound, but maybe that’s their spiritual essence? A fine contribution to the present from a band whose future plans intrigue me. Best album with a skull on the cover I’ve heard in years! BEST SONG “Stress Test.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Different Version.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The album is said to be pressed on “mystery color” vinyl; my blind taste test suggests that “rotten banana” is the answer to said mystery. –Rev. Nørb (Sex Sheet, sexsheetrecords.com)