FUTURE GIRLS: Motivation Problems: CS

Sep 17, 2018

This album starts out with some humming feedback before launching into a steady snare; navigating loud, bright guitar riffs that blend in with vocal harmonies. As the release continues on, we get a trade-off of dual vocals that complement each other nicely. Each person in this band has been involved in at least one other punk band of note (Weekend Dads, Crossed Wires, Fat Stupids), yet this is their debut release as Future Girls. The overall sound reminds me of bands like This Is My Fist!, RVIVR, and a bit of The Measure. Topics cover feelings of dysmorphia, depression, and apathy. Self-described as “Bummer Punk,” I think they nailed it. The track “At It Again” has some deft hand claps, and “Slower than the Rest” has this sleepy guitar lead trickling on in the background of shouted lyrics. I’m not in a great state of mind to get really into this, but in a few weeks when I move out of my ex-boyfriend’s apartment, this ought to come in real handy. Expert mastering from Dave Williams at 8 Floors Above, released by Dirt Cult—it’s got all the elements of a classic record. –Kayla Greet (Dirt Cult)