FURNACE: Doublewalker: LP

Jul 20, 2022

The story of Furnace’s Doublewalker LP is almost as wild as the album itself. Originally slated for release in 2009, one hundred test presses of the record were sent to the band for their tour that year, before the record label suddenly folded and the remaining copies sat languishing in a Long Island basement for more than a decade. Furnace called it quits in 2012, but thanks to Tor Johnson Records, these recently recovered copies are now finding their way into the hands of listeners. I had the privilege of seeing Furnace a few times while they were together. I was blown away by their intensity and presence. Numerous bands were doing a similar emotive hardcore sound at the time, but few were as heavy as Furnace, and few could match the whirlwind of sounds and emotions the band conveyed. Doublewalker captures that magic in vinyl form. –Paul J. Comeau (Tor Johnson, [email protected])

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