FURNACE: Doublewalker: LP

Sep 22, 2022

Long story short—Doublewalker came out in 2009, band broke up in 2012, the folks behind Tor Johnson found some long-forgotten copies of the LP in a basement. So some new covers were screen-printed and here we are. Brutal, unrelenting hardcore that leans towards the emo side of things, if the emo side carried bats with a bunch of nails in them. If you duct taped Cloud Rat, Coliseum, and Left For Dead together and made them forage in an auto parts warehouse for food for a week, they’ll hand you a copy of Doublewalker right before they pass out. Halting, pneumatic, joyless, punishing music. I’m sure this band absolutely flayed the skin off your face live; this shit’s as mean as a chunk of rebar to the throat. Recommended. –Keith Rosson (Tor Johnson)