FURIOUS BEAUTIFUL, THE #2, $2, 8½” x 11”, copied, 4 pgs.

Jan 21, 2022

This second issue of The Furious Beautiful: Review of Books starts like the first issue, with a “love letter from the editor.” The newsletter’s creator, jimmy cooper, uses this space to pen tributes to artistic figures, typically literary, who’ve had great meaning in their life. In the first issue, the “love letter from the editor” focuses on queer Black author and critic Samuel R. Delany, whose 1967 short story “Aye and Gomorrah” immediately captured cooper’s attention. The “love letter” in this current issue is dedicated to Steven Jesse Bernstein, a poet, musician, and performer who died by suicide. The letter truly and powerfully captures the impact of Bernstein’s all-too-short life. The remainder of the second issue, like the first, features reviews (this time, by guest writers), poetry (written by cooper), and personals (“me: fat, queer, gardener, lover of soil”). Though only two issues in, The Furious Beautiful is already a force. –Gina Murrell (jimmy cooper, furiousbeautiful.bandcamp.com)

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