FUR COATS: Milkdromeda: CD

Sep 26, 2018
  1. Yes, this is the same Fur Coats reviewed in past Razorcake reviews using the pop punk genre tag and adjectives like “quirky” and “flighty.” 2. As a mature (i.e. over forty) punk, whose only request from his partner for his Big 40 birthday was an original copy of Wrong, I do not lightly drop a Nomeansno reference. The Fur Coats deliver five tracks of start-stop, mathy, early ’80s pop hardcore that provided me with so much energy for a three mile run. The guitar tone and song structures harken closest to the NMN reference, while the Fur Coats’ originality in song hooks and Marc Ruvolo’s voice shine through for a sound all their own. A sharp turn from previous releases, but an absolute banger. –Matt Seward (Johanns Face, johannsfacerecords.bigcartel.com)