FUR COATS, THE: Gumballs in the Meritocracy: LP/CD

May 31, 2017

First up, I love listening to Marc Ruvolo’s voice as he has a unique vocal sound which fits the quirky pop punk of The Fur Coats so well. Secondly, his lyrics are full of humor and social awareness, a fine combination which the trio underpins with some catchy, flighty tuneage. I’d like to thank The Fur Coats for “I Pretend That I Know What I’m Doing,” my new work anthem, which is befitting of toiling away, five days a week with little guidance and piss poor management but still giving the impression that one is on top of things. Gumballs takes the quality of the band’s first album—The League of Extraordinary Octopuses—and kicks on to outdo that debut long player in all aspects. This is a treat which provides buckets of enjoyment in times of Brexit, Trump, and an arthritic knee. –Rich Cocksedge (Johann’s Face, [email protected], johannsfacerecords.bandcamp.com / Hovercraft, [email protected], hovercraftpdx.com)


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