Apr 08, 2019

Anemic lyrics over mediocre pop punk with a table top gaming theme. There are a couple of songs that jumped out at me (“The Enemy,” “Never Coming Back”) and that’s because they were different than the rest. Those tracks in particular took a left turn from skate punky drumming and fairly standard chord progressions. I just wish they’d take more risks. Obviously, they know how to stay the middle of the road. Maybe check out the one with jagged rocks and orcs on it next time? This band is fine enough, but they’re probably not going to be anyone’s new favorite. That being said, there’s nothing to hate about them either. Maybe their name sums it up; they’re a functional band. Just a few guys blowing off steam after work, and that’s totally okay. I’m neither under or overwhelmed by them. I’m just whelmed. –Kayla Greet (Smoking Cat)