Anyone who’s been perusing this mag might’ve noticed the disdain this former skinhead holds for most skinhead music these days. The reason is simple enough: most of it is mindless hamster shit marrying tough-guy tropes and moron-level quasi-patriotism to mind numbingly bad punk rock as lunkheaded as its subject matter. This reason this album by Chicago’s Fuerza Bruta is a notable exception is simple enough: the songs are goddamned good—feral, direct punk that rely on snarling hooks to jab fingers in the eye of the power structure. The added bonus is the lyrics are delivered throughout in Spanish, which will no doubt bum out the more reactionary elements in their chosen subgenre. The fact I’m saying this about a modern oi album surprises even me, but yeah, this is good. –Jimmy Alvarado (Rebellion, rebellionshop.com)