FUCKEMOS, THE: Lifestyles of the Drugged and Homeless: LP

Nov 29, 2016

When you got a guy wearing bikini briefs, sunglasses, and a cowboy hat on the cover of your record, you have “fuck” in your name, and you state that you represent the drugged and homeless, you’ve set the bar high for your sound. The pics of the band on the back made it look like they were wasting themselves because they knew they were stuck in a time warp of a town that nobody ever left. I didn’t think they were gonna pull it off. The record started out with some driving punk, and then the vocals hit, which sounded like a frogman singing for a goth band at first—it took me a minute to realize it was an effect. The music stayed good, and the vocals stayed questionable. They were able to swing different moods and tempos while retaining a cohesive sound. As the record wore on, it got noisier, weirder, and better, but sounded a bit captive, like the record was falling short of their live performance. Around the time I flipped the record over, I decided to look ‘em up. Turns out this is a reissue of a CD from ‘95. No wonder the guys on the cover looked like they were in a time warp. Anyhow, they pulled it off. They even have pretty stellar covers of Bauhaus and Sweet that both fit! Mine’s on an opaque gold, if you’re interested. –Vincent (Slope)