FUCKED UP: Year of the Snake: 12”EP

May 31, 2017

Someone, somewhere is smart enough to make a very detailed graph chart which relates the rate of Fucked Up releases with the length of their songs. With the exception of Looking for Gold, which is an outlier in many ways, I predict it would most likely look like a steadily ascending line. And if I were personally forced to plot my preference on said graph, I would find myself residing in the era of aesthetically cohesive hardcore 7”s that were coming out left and right for a couple years. The A side of this 12” is a twenty-three minute track which offers up ambient indie rock paired with Damian’s growly hardcore vocals. It’s art music for the masses. Not necessarily pushing boundaries, but different enough to hopefully be making people think. The B side is a six-minute instrumental which is written and performed by the drummer, minus the synths. Sorta spacey, sorta driving, it’s A plus background music. Aside from everything, this is Tankcrimes’ one hundredth release, so congrats to them for making it to this milestone. –Daryl (Tankcrimes)