FUCK YEAH, DINOSAURS!: 65 Million Beers Ago: LP

May 28, 2020

65 Million Beers Ago is the much-anticipated sophomore album from Pittsburgh’s wonderfully goofy Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! These ten fast songs about dinosaurs having good times and kicking ass are squarely rooted in the best pop punk tropes of the past three decades, with influences from classic hardcore thrown in for good measure. Gimmick or joke bands rarely have the temerity to back up their humor with music that’s as satisfying as the chuckles, but a rare exception to that rule is Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! The high energy of their live experience is well-captured in the recording and mix by Zach Jamison of Latecomer, mastered by Dave Polster of Well Made Music in nearby Cleveland. If you’re skeptical that a band with a name as fatuous as Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! can deliver the goods, they’re here to prove you wrong. Yes, this record thoroughly and completely rules! –Art Ettinger (Self-released, dinopunks.com)