FUCK TRUMP CLUB #3, 11” x 14”, $6 for monthly newsletters, one sheet, copied, 2 pgs.

Aug 16, 2017

A newsletter dedicated to sticking it to the fascist Cheeto and his covfefe (Hah, just trying to be the first to say it in a zine!). The brevity of it won’t get you a lot of in-depth critique, but I think the point is to remind you to stay vigilant and to keep fighting. Six bucks gets you in the Fuck Trump Club and you’ll get one of these every month. Well worth it if you ask me. One thing: I hope they keep pictures of his horrible, smug face to a minimum (there was only one behind a “no” sign in a corner of this issue). We all have to see it too much as it is—we don’t need it in our mailbox. I’ll take the cute butt with “Fuck Trump” written on it, any day, misguided as it may seem. With that, I’m off to join the club. –Craven Rock (Fuck Trump Club, PO Box 30272, Albuquerque, NM 87190)