FRUIT TONES: Pink Wafer Factory: LP

Mar 10, 2023

My grandmother always had those wafer cookies at her house; they were like a thin layer of creme sandwiched between two colored shingles of non-skid styrofoam. Grandma’s styrofoam treats are, I suppose, a reasonably apt metaphor for this band, as they have a sort of sweet, flat, and brittle aspect to their sound. And, while the sheer amount of pre-sweetened foodstuffs on the cover might give the consumer the impression that they’re buying a Warm Soda record or something, if this Manchester trio sounds like anything on which one can put a presumably sticky finger on, it would be that sort of candy-ass Thunders/Lure Exploding Hearts thing (albeit in a sweeter, flatter, and more brittle configuration). There’s also a sort of looseness to the band that brings to mind pre-punks like the 101ers—bands who knew they liked the Rolling Stones albums released during Nixon’s first term, but really had no clue how to go about getting that sound, so they just kinda let loose. Ultimately, there is no aspect of this band’s sound that hasn’t already been done better by someone else, but things are spritely and enjoyable enough that, much like grandma’s sweet styrofoam slabs, things are still worth a munch or two. BEST SONG: “Because I Like It.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Space Angel.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: My copy has “RAZORCAKE PROMO” written in Sharpie on the inside of the jacket. That will come in super handy in the event that I ever drop my copy of the Fruit Tones album into a large holding tank of identical Fruit Tones albums and there is some question about which Fruit Tones album rightfully belongs to me. –Rev. Nørb (Alien Snatch,

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