FRIGHT: Self-titled: 12” EP

Mar 15, 2022

East coast crossover metal from some heavy hitters: Devious Derik from Citizen’s Arrest; Nasty Nate from Devoid Of Faith, Das Oath, and Monster X; Iniquitous Ian from Down In Flames; and Shameful Shae from Ramoms. Honestly, this is the best band all members have been in since the ones you know them for. “Hands Claw Open Eyes” opens with classic metal riffing, the speed kicks in, and the song builds and builds. They keep the tension at a boil, allowing the songs to be catchy, working their way into your head. The guitar on here sounds so f’ing great and sinister. Music that launches row after row of helicopter heads swinging their manes in unison. –Matt Average (Gloom, [email protected])