FRET RATTLES: Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences: LP

Jan 18, 2017

The incipient danger with sitting down and listening to albums by bands that appear to have trundled along in the wake of the Supersuckers/Hellacopters/Gluecifer/et al is that they often tend to perpetually threaten to be sucked up into the fundamental aperture of their own car club clichés, rendering listener interest functionally zero. And, while two of the three songs that really turned my head were actually covers to which I had not been previously hipped (“If This Is Love” by Charlie Pickett & The Eggs, and “Lonely for You Baby” by Sam Dees) (the third being “Shake My Brain,” which just flat-out sounds like the Devil Dogs), overall, I thought this record more or less delivered the goods with a minimum of social embarrassment. This record is not apt to change nor save lives, but it’s certainly decent enough for minor soul repair. BEST SONG THAT ISN’T A COVER: “Shake My Brain.” BEST SONG TITLE: Also “Shake My Brain.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: One of the guys in the band is wearing a Dragons T-shirt, and I once went to a strip club with them. –Rev. Nørb (Self-released)

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