FRESH: Withdraw: LP/CD

Aug 01, 2019

I am totally intrigued by Kathryn Woods’ lyrics and their delivery on this, Fresh’s second album. On one hand there are frequent times when it seems as if she is doubting herself in various ways—with a melancholic feel coming to the surface—but these are offset by words indicating a position of strength and self-worth. It gives me the sense that much has happened to result in such a swing in the lyrical content. My favorite moment comes in “Revenge” where Woods breaks free from a measured vocal to shout “I am valued, I am loved/ I will get revenge on everyone who has done me wrong.” I am left with a sense of strength and defiance coming from Woods, which makes for the perfect way to view Withdraw. There is a definite melancholic tone to this record but these indie punks manage that well and provide a delightful suite of songs. –Rich Cocksedge (Specialist Subject, [email protected],