FRESH HELL: Tomahawk Sabbatical: CS

Jan 05, 2022

Wow, this rocks right off the bat. The vocals are gruff and nasally at the same time which gives off the feeling of a group that parties but is also hella sincere. The first track is a lo-fi rock’n’roll romp with sick guitar solos. But the very next song is chock full of hardcore breakdowns and screamo vocals. Real tough guy vibes, though half way through it showcases this lullaby melody in the bridge before it goes right back to heavy. This band has a wide range, for sure. Track three switches right back into garagey rock’n’roll but keeps the guttural scream/shout vocals with some keyboard melodies and hand claps joining in. I really love the deep and dirty bass treatment over snappy drumming. By the fourth song I’m getting Hot Snakes and Blood Brothers influences. Each instrument in this group is shining at all times, yet doesn’t overwhelm the overall sound. There are only six songs on this release, but they’ll take you on a fucking journey. Love it. –Kayla Greet (Dog & Pony, [email protected])

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