May 24, 2022

If you look at the front cover of this album, it’s a bunch of arty-looking Dreamsicles or something, the kind of thing you’d see painted on a downtown mural to remind us all that life is beautiful and we should be nice to each other. If you look at the back cover photo, it’s just a bunch of old dudes in Marty McFly vests sitting around with a couple of dogs in a practice room or somewhere. Like, strictly from meh-ville. If you actually haul off and play this record, however—holy crap! It sounds like it was made circa 1980 by a bunch of sharp young twenty-year-olds with cutting edge haircuts and stylish clothes. It’s sort of like non-super-teeny-boppery early ’80s power pop (Crash Street Kids maybe?) crossed with the Foxhall Stacks, with bits of the Epoxies, Beach Boys, and Stiffs Inc. sprouting out hither and yon as the need arises. Heck, it even sounds like The Dickies once in a while (I also heard a keyboard part that sounded sort of like Styx but I’m leaving that off my report as a professional courtesy). You’d never pick these guys out of a police lineup as suspects for creating this record; power pop (if that’s what that is) generally springs from the youthful and well-coiffed. But, dang, those vocal cords sound pack-fresh and that playing is friggin’ crisp. Maybe they were embedded in a block of ice in suspended animation for the last thirty years? It worked for Captain America. I guess that’s why their hands are freezing although they live in Arizona. Shockingly neo-tremendous! BEST SONG & PERHAPS SONG TITLE: “Don’t Ask Me (As I’m Walking Out the Door).” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Gently hand-numbered in pencil! –Rev. Nørb (Dateland)

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