Mar 20, 2018

It looks as if The Superions decided to rebrand as “Fred Schneider & The…” which may have been a shrewd move, as someone as vocally unique and as visually identifiable as Fred probably deserved to be called out. That said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this disk as it’s been quite a while since Schneider has been on my radar, if I am being honest. The verdict? I’m pleasantly surprised. While the Superions clearly aren’t your mom’s B-52’s, Schneider is all over this with his very distinct vocal style as well as his patented, kitschy lyrics. Musically, this probably rides the line between disco and electronic dance music with a touch of ‘70s funk and soul. I’d venture to say if you are over the age of forty, this CD would be a damn fine addition to your party mix. That certainly isn’t a knock on the band but rather speaks to Fred’s aging fan base. As with the aforementioned B-52’s, a little bit can go a long way—but you know what?—I’m probably splitting hairs here and maybe some silly, hedonistic fun is exactly what we all need these days. –Garrett Barnwell (HHBTM,