FREAKS OF NATURE: Songs for Savages: CS

Nov 29, 2016

There are only so many ways to describe fuzzy, guitar-driven garage punk (especially in contrast with the seemingly inexhaustible desire of punks the world over to start more fuzzy, guitar-driven garage punk bands). That being said, if we’re going to keep doing this, I’m down for more bands to do it how Freaks Of Nature do it. Opener “Wonder Why” is infectiously upbeat, setting the pace for what’s to follow. It’s ‘60s-styled garage rock under a layer of punk, like The Seeds with the tempo dialed up a notch or three, though one of the several vocalists keeps pushing it closer to Cramps territory. There’s a great harmonica appearance somewhere in there, and the ever-present fuzz sounds like an authentic layer of this band’s sound rather than a cover-up. Best of all, they seem to pull off dirty and scrappy without any of the hypermasculine rock posturing that so often plagues the leather-jacket crowd. This kind of rock’n’roll really doesn’t work unless it’s fun, but Freaks of Nature can make it happen. –Indiana Laub (Related,