Nov 22, 2017

If you distilled the late-’70s explosion of punk rock into a single mixtape that incorporated the pop side, the garage side, and the experimental noise side, Freak Genes would be that mixtape made flesh. It’s a highlight reel of the genres’ finest tricks, crafted into over a dozen tunes ranging the power pop to noise rock spectrum. If you know me at all, you know I like the pop tunes more than the out-there space jams, but neither is a bad look for Freak Genes. Even when they get wild in the songwriting department, they still make sure to pump out actual songs. I think my favorite part of this record is the half-assed guitar tone. Not that it sounds like it wasn’t purposeful, but because of how weak the guitar sounds in contrast with the pounding music. These sentences typed out seem like insults, but it serves to create a unique texture to the album that I’m fucking jazzed about. Must be heard to be believed. A good addition to the punk fan’s vinyl collection. –Bryan Static (Alien Snatch!)